Dark Sun Rising

Escape from Kemolak

Having met with with Dead Lord of Kemolak, the players fled the city of Kemolak. The tunnels were sealed by Ogra‘s magic, who has revealed herself as a potent primal manipulator. Subsequently, the players travelled north to Freedom (on Pterrax back, no less!), to inlist the aid of the freed slave village in their trading venture. It was there that Ruarch formulated a bold new plan – forestall war between Tyr and Urik by starting a guerilla campaign in Urik’s own backyard.
Returning to Kled with the newly instated members of “House Lirr”, they headed towards the silver Oasis. Ambushed by Anakores, they disposed of them handily, leaving an uninterrupted run to the Elven oasis…


Our intrepid explorers agreed to head to the nearby Dwarven village of Kled to trade. Upon arrival, the had scant time before the army of Tyr arrived, headed by a Templar of Kalak, that city’s tyrannical ruler. His Half-Giant guards took over the town. But shortly thereafter a Slave army arrived, and the mystery deepened. It was then that they learned the truth that was perhaps the most tumultuous revelation of the age – Kalak, Sorcerer King of Tyr, was dead, and at the hand of a gladiator. Tyr had freed its slaves, and the army at it’s gates was representing Tyr. The dwarves of Kled quickly became hostages and shields in the ongoing drama, so our Intrepid heroes designed a campaign of guerilla terror against the Templar and his cronies. This culminated with attacking the Templar as the Crimson Legion attacked. The Templar was slain, and the Dwarves of Kled liberated. The players then found themselves bargaining with Siria, a Templar loyal to the new king of Tyr. Siria suggested that Tyr become a client village of Tyr, with Durganacting as Tyr’s representative. Durgan, seeing an opportunity to restore the Dwarves to their former glory, tentatively agreed…and so embarked on a journey to the freed city of Tyr.

Death and Sand

The players faced the horrors of the desert, leading a rag tag group of slaves. Whilst the scorching sun and inadequete resources took their toll, in the end, a wave of rock from an avalanche took the lives ofv those slaves who accompanied them.
An encounter with Belgoi, mysterious bell-ringing stalkers, provided an item of strange provenance. But finally, they find their way to a place of myth and rumour – a hidden village, without slaves or masters, named Freedom…
…but all the while pursued by hunters. Halfling cannibals in the employ of Hamanu, Sorcerer-King of Urik, tracked their quarry to this place. Forced to lead their pursuers off into in ambush, they led them to secluded artea before facing their pursuers – a vicious, hungry hordes. The players emerged victorious, and no halfling was left alive. Thus the secrecy of Freedom was preserved.

Pottery Shards and Blood

The players, finding themselves secured in the hold of a group of slavers and being hauled to Makla to work and die in the infamous obsidian mines of Urik. However, unwilling to go meekly, they rose up and killed their captors – shards of broken pottery from a bowl were the instrument of their escape. Now they face freedom – freedom from water, freedom from food, freedom from hope…


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