Chan Tazuk "Bell Trap" (Abduction Ki Focus)

Shivs ki focus formed from the bell of a bellgoy


She looked at the bell. Copper. She could sell that.

Then she felt it want to ring.

A presence. Hmmm… possibilities.

She pushed her mind arounds its edges. It screamed with frustration and at the same time tried to subtly lure her in.

Stupid bell.

Unhappy bell. It wants its master.

She dipped the blood in its master’s blood. Carefully coating its entire surface. No part uncovered. She tore strips off the silken clothes she had stolen and bound the bell, suppressing its ability to ring. It was appeased for the moment. Close it is master. Then it released it was trapped, unable to ring.

Don’t like that do you. You want out. But it will hold you.


She found over the next few days that if she tried to force the bell, it would resist. But if she reacted suddenly, then its nature would slip out. If she attacked suddenly, when an opportunity presented itself, the bell would call the target.

Limited. Meh…it will do for the moment.

Later, in the village she took some beetles and made a paste. They made a mild drug that bended the mind. She sometimes used the poison to make enemies unsteady and fall down. Into it she mixed some of her blood. Then using the mixture she coated the bound bell, again wrapping it in silked rags.

Lets see what you make of this.

Then she pushed her mind through the blood and poison. As it passed she change its resonance from physical to psionic. Instantly, the bell was confused. The blood was a mix of hers and its masters, but the poison made things cloudy and undefined. It became confused as to who was whose. Not simple thing to convince the bell. It wanted its master. It could not bend it to obey her, but she could convince it to ignore her. Unnoticed she could fool it, convince it for a moment that its master stood near.

Stupid bell.

It could not ring and its frustration built. Then she pushed. Flicking an image that its master was a few steps away. In a flash she appeared there. The bells efforts spent.

Now, that has potential.

She smiled.

Several days passed and they were on their trading mission. The bell was frustrated again. She waited until the others slept, even the Mul slept sometimes. She grabbed a pack beast and suggested to the bell its master was a short distance behind. Again the bell instantly transported them their. The dumb animal look confused and then shaken. She grinned a huge grin.

Wonderful, wonderful bell the thought…

I think I will call you Chan Tazuk… Bell Trap.

Chan Tazuk "Bell Trap" (Abduction Ki Focus)

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