Action List

Standard Action
Attack with an Instrument
Attack: Level
Defense: 10+Level
Hit: Does 1 level Damage.
Miss: Take 1 level Damage.

Use Instrument
Make a Skill Roll. If successful, you create a new Quality in a Region. The DC depends on the type of Instrument used, the kind of Quality to be created, as well as existing qualities that might conflict.
Normally, a Quality can only be created with the permission of the Actor who controls the region. If you have an Instrument in a region that is higher rated than any other Instrument of its type, Create Quality can be attempted but at a -5 penalty.
Alternatively, using an instrument can be used to undermine a Lynchpin in the area.


Move Actions
Move Instrument
Can make a move roll for 1 Instrument.

Minor Actions
Can make a Planning Roll to create a new Goal.

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Action List

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