Goals represent investments of Power. They are the focus of an Agenda, and represent the concrete means of bringing it about. Goals can change in a battle – abandoning your goals will cost you power. Each goal involves a Stake. The stake is a cost in Power if you fail to achieve your goal or abandon it, or the amount you gain if you succeed. A failure condition must be nominated.

Example: The two generals facing off from each other begin creating their goals. The first general believes in the ancient maxim of “Sever the head, and the snake dies”. He nominates “Kill Enemy General before the 10th Turn. He stakes 10 Power. The GM thinks that this is perhaps too large a stake for the nominated goal and failure condition, so instead he stakes 8 Power.

In addition, when a goal is achieved it can be turned into a Lynchpin, increasing maximum power, as long as it is appropriate.

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