Me? I was born in some elf market, not sure which city state. Was born shortly after my twin brother, Shank. Grew up moving from city to city. Learnt early we could work as a team. Tumbler, jugglers and fire breathers. Well, Shank was the fire breather.

For a while there we were so popular we could practically walk into any nobles house and they would throw money at us. Okay, there were a few rumours about people dying when we visited, but that was because they never previded enough places to hide the bodies. If you ask me it was careless house design.

Shank was the talker and I was the doer. Except when it came to killing and stealing. Then we were in tough competition with each other. Actually, its that which got Shank killed. Got a little to cocky on a contract in Urik. He got dead and I got slavery. Naturally I escaped both. Rescued a who wagon load of slaves headed to the obsidian mines. Lead them across the barrens, killed bellgoys, halfing hordes and a tembo.

When we got to a town, some dwarven dump called Kleb, I had to kill the templar who had made himself boss. Naturally I used my suprerior talents and impersonated a bellgoy and scared them all to death.

Since then its been killing templars and Urik patsies…and getting paid for it. Seriously, could not be happier…

Shank? What about him, he’s dead. He was older, but I was better. Hence I survived. Sure I will honor his memory. I will honor him the best way I can, but getting as rich as possible…he would have liked that.


Dark Sun Rising shivnshank